Let’s rescue director Tatsuki from the claws of Cerulean!


Goal of Operation ACA: 
Intended audience: Japanese Agency of Cultural Affairs (ACA), 文化庁 ; Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) 経済産業省 ; 知的財産戦略推進事務局(Cool Japan) ; Japanese Consumer Affairs Agency (CAA), 消費者庁

We hope to explain the current state of affairs to the respective Japanese Government Departments to obtain awareness on the situation regarding the replacement of Director Tatsuki from the Kemono Friends Project. This incident has caused an uproar in countries outside of Japan, and given that the Cool Japan's policy to promote Japanese cultural products worldwide (which ACA & METI is responsible for), our voices of concern should cause these organizations to consider the seriousness of the matter. Additionally, consumers who have purchased products which are related to Kemono Friends have a right to contact the CAA to comment on this matter as the CAA is obliged to protect consumer interests. 

Join us:
We will make a webpage (still in construction)  to randomly generate a letter template for you to send to ACA, METI & Cool Japan, and each letter is different from another. The message to CAA will be in unified in Japanese.
For more information: 

The webpage will be online soon. 
You can join us in other ways:
SaveJapariPark Discord server: https://discord.gg/pPJFRsH
Homepage: www.savejaparipark.com
Twitter: @SaveJapariPark  
(Discord is a free, no-ad, secured communication tool, which only need an e-mail address to sign up)

We are the Save Japari Park Team, with members from all over the world. Our group's goal is to bring light to the matter of KADOKAWA Corporation's decision to let off Director Tatsuki and Yaoyorozu Co.,Ltd. from the Kemono Friends Project. We are currently organizing a large scale petition by sending email from countries all over the world. The target of this petition is KADOKAWA Corporation and their associated parties, such as Crunchyroll, TV Tokyo & etc. We will do our best to request these parties to make a public statement on this matter and convince their business partner, KADOKAWA Corporation, to bring back Director Tatsuki. We currently have a website to automatically generate email templates to the relevant parties with convenient access to your email account; all that is required is your name and country. We have more plans for the future as well, and we hope that Friends from all over the world can join us in our efforts to save our Japari Park.

You can save Japari Park!

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