It's time to send our paper plane!

Please save director with us!

Why ACA?

We hope to explain the current state of affairs to the respective Japanese Government Departments to obtain awareness on the situation regarding the replacement of Director Tatsuki from the Kemono Friends Project. This incident has caused an uproar in countries outside of Japan, and given that the Cool Japan's policy to promote Japanese cultural products worldwide (which ACA & METI is responsible for), our voices of concern should cause these organizations to consider the seriousness of the matter.


These will be sent to Japanese Agency of Cultural Affairs (ACA), Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), 知的財産戦略推進事務局(Cool Japan)。

Let's send our paper planes!

This page will randomly generate a letter template for you to send to ACA, METI & Cool Japan, and each letter is different from another.

It would be best if Friends can use their native language to write their own ideas in the letters as well.

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