Body Thermage – Radiothermoplasty

You could have heard of Thermage, the modern new non-surgical methodology of accomplishing tighter, younger-looking facial tissue with no needles or scalpels. Thermage know-how is now being utilized to varied different elements of the physique and is producing distinctive outcomes.

What’s Thermage?

Conventional Thermage flx offers you all the advantages of an invasive face-lift operation, with no scalpels or needles. This know-how is now getting used on drawback areas of the physique as effectively. Utilizing ThermaCool TC with patented Capacitive Radio Frequency (CRF) know-how, reaching younger-looking and more healthy pores and skin has by no means been simpler or sooner.

The system works by sending radio frequency power by way of your pores and skin, gently heating deep pores and skin layers, whereas concurrently defending the floor of your pores and skin with the cooling motion of the patented ThermaTip “wand.” This heating motion causes deep buildings of your pores and skin to tighten instantly. Over time, new collagen grows to additional tighten your pores and skin and produce a younger look.

What areas might be handled with Thermage?

Whereas Conventional Thermage strategies have been developed to deal with the pores and skin round eyes, jaw strains, and necks, Physique Thermage is now getting used to deal with quite a few drawback areas of the physique, together with:

— Arms – Physique Thermage can be utilized to tighten free, sagging pores and skin on the higher arms, in addition to considerably enhance the feel and tone of your pores and skin.

— Legs – Additionally improves texture and tone of pores and skin in thighs in addition to smoothing the pores and skin above the knees.

— Stomach– Physique Thermage can drastically enhance the look of your midsection and is corresponding to a tummy tuck– with no surgical procedure required. Thermage additionally works exceedingly effectively for ladies who’ve lately given childbirth, left with stretch marks. Nonetheless, any additional pregnancies will clearly negate the remedy. Stretch marks or free pores and skin gained from extreme or speedy weight reduction can be considerably improved in the identical method.

Who’s Physique Thermage for?

Physique Thermage is ideal for all pores and skin sorts and pores and skin colours. People between 35 and 60 are the best candidates for Physique Thermage because of the gentle to average pores and skin laxity discovered at these ages.

Who’s Physique Thermage NOT for?

Radiothermoplasty isn’t really helpful for people with implanted cardiac gadgets, comparable to pacemakers. The radio frequency power used through the Thermage process could intrude with these medical implants.

Physique Thermage isn’t really helpful for folks utilizing non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication (NSAID), comparable to ibuprofen, naproxen, and prednisone.

Is Radiothermoplasty secure?

Physique Thermage was authorized by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in 2006.
The FDA authorized the Thermage process in 2002, initially for the remedy of facial rejuvenation. In 2006 the FDA offered further clearance for the in depth use of remedy anyplace on the physique.

What are the unintended effects of Physique Thermage?

The prevalence of any unintended effects on account of Thermage remedy are exceptionally uncommon. In reality, the proportion of people that do complain about any undesirable unintended effects is at lower than 1%. These non permanent side-effects are often described as crimson, irritated, or generally blistered pores and skin and usually dissipate in 3-10 days.


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